Muay Thai Training on Koh Phangan, Thailand

Diamond Muay Thai Trainers

Muay Thai Training on Koh Phangan, Thailand: Beginners to Professionals

The Muay Thai training offered by Diamond Muay Thai suits all levels of Thai boxing students- first timer travelling through Thailand or seasoned Muay Thai fighter, male or female, young and old. Our Muay Thai camp on Koh Phangan is perfect for those looking for an traditional Muay Thai training experience in an enjoyable environment. Below are the group Muay Thai training times for Diamond Muay Thai students. Private Muay Thai training sessions can also be arranged outside of these times.

Muay Thai training times: Morning training 8am-11am
(Mon-Sat) Afternoon training 4pm-7pm

When participating in our group training sessions each student receives one on one instruction when called into the ring for pad work and are constantly being offered tips and advice throughout the session. Advanced Muay Thai students looking to step into the ring select Diamond Muay Thai for our outstanding technical Muay Thai training. Students are selected to fight for us only after they have fine tuned their technique through disciplined Muay Thai training and reached the required levels of strength & fitness.

Muay Thai Training on Koh Phangan with Diamond Muay Thai

Muay Thai Training on Koh Phangan at Diamond Muay Thai

A Muay Thai training day for a novice visiting our camp on Koh Phangan,Thailand and a Muay Thai training day for an advanced ‘Nak Muay’ will vary greatly in intensity. Below is a guide to what is involved in a typical Muay Thai training session:

  • Skipping and tyre jumping
  • Shadow boxing
  • Supervised bag work
  • Strength and conditioning drills
  • Warm down and stretching
  • Running (jungle, beach & sprint work)
  • Warm up and stretching
  • One on one pad work
  • Clinch/sparring training
  • Weight training

Beginners Muay Thai training is at a gentler pace for students to savour the enjoyable atmosphere in the Diamond Muay Thai training camp and the satisfaction of mastering the basics. Students will learn the basic Muay Thai stance and how to correctly throw punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Our students improve quickly and soon you will start to learn basic combinations and the art of ‘clinching’- the Thai boxing form of grappling.

Advanced Muay Thai training is always tough with a strong focus on developing a proficient and polished technique. Muay Thai students looking to fight will be pushed beyond their comfort zone to develop the outstanding cardiovascular levels, the explosiveness and technical Muay Thai skills needed to step into the ring. Our pre-fight preparation and advanced Muay Thai training is second to none and our fighters are always well matched up.

Simon Phillips fighting for Diamond Muay Thai

Diamond Muay Thai Training on Koh Phangan Prices

Muay Thai training prices are listed however discounts are available for longer training periods. Reserving your place at Diamond Muay Thai is advised- contact us by email or telephone. Student numbers are limited so that there is a high trainers to student ratio. Students are welcome to eat at the gym after each Muay Thai training session for 100b per day.We eat incredible Issaan style and South Thailand food which is hard to find on Koh Phangan.

1st ‘taster session’ is just 300b after which full prices are listed below:

Session Price
Single group session 400b
Morning & afternoon session 500b
Private session 500b (per hr)
Diamond 10 Card
(10 sessions for use anytime)
1 week / 1 session per day 2000b
1 week / 2 sessions per day 3000b
1 month / 1 session per day 6000b
1 month unlimited training 10000b

Diamond Muay Thai Training