Diamond Muay Thai: The Thai Boxing Trainers

Mon - Owner & Trainer at Diamond Muay Thai

Learn Thai boxing with Mon- regarded as best trainer on Koh Phangan

Mon is the owner of the Diamond Muay Thai training camp. During his military service, Mon became Thai Army Champion and one of the best fighters in Southern Thailand at 120lbs. Mon’s fight name was ‘The Standing Wave’.  It is a fighting name that best reflects the fluidity, balance and power of his Muay Thai technique & fighting style. Some of the Thai boxers that Mon defeated in his career later went on to become Thailand Champions.

Mon - Owner & Trainer at Diamond Muay ThaiMon stopped his Thai kickboxing career early in order to return to his home & work his family’s land raising durian fruit. It is in the Jungle that Mon started his first Muay Thai camp. He gave Thai boxing classes in a challenging environment producing the best Muay Thai training methods for students.  Mon is a skilful pad holder and trains students by holding pads in a traditional manner or by using a freestyle method of pad holding utilising his lightning fast reflexes. ‘Freestyling’ is the best Muay Thai training method to prepare students to fight- it is ‘up to you’ to throw combinations of punches, knees, kicks and elbows.

The dream of owning his own Muay Thai boxing camp led Mon to Koh Phangan, S Thailand. After working in several Muay Thai camps on the island, Mon became well known for providing the best Muay Thai training on Koh Phangan. This led to the birth of the Diamond Muay Thai training camp. Mon has a heart of gold & a real passion for teaching authentic Muay Thai techniques to his students- this creates a unique and enjoyable atmosphere in the camp.

Learn Thai boxing with Dam-the best Muay Thai fighter on Koh Phangan

Dam - Trainer & Fighter Diamond Muay ThaiDam is a trainer and fighter at the Diamond Muay Thai camp. His fight name is ‘Chalam Kaw’ or ‘the great white shark’. He is a Muay Thai fighter with a record of over 65 wins, many by KO. He is a 3x South Thailand Champion and top ranked BKK and TV 3 fighter. Dam is well known for his incredible hand speed and his beautiful yet aggressive style of fighting. Pound for pound Dam is the best Thai boxer on Koh Phangan and he is also our best boxing trainer. His relaxed attitude combined with his ultra tough training style is the best combination for serious Muay Thai students.

Muay Thai classes with Air- learn authentic Thai boxing techniques

Air - Trainer Diamond Muay ThaiAir comes from a long line of some of the best Muay Thai boxers in Thailand. Air himself began Muay Thai training at the age of 8- starting his pro career in Surat Thani. He later travelled to Bangkok where he fought at the top level for years. Air has only recently stopped Thai kickboxing but has been a proficient pad holder for several gyms on Koh Phangan. Air is a Thai boxer with over 300 fights & his Muay Thai classes involve showing students some of the best Muay Thai tricks (including some great elbow techniques). Air is a fantastic all rounder on the pads and provides some of the best Muay Thai training on Koh Phangan.

Learn Muay Thai with Pi Dam-a Thai boxing legend and Bangkok champion

Pi Dam - Trainer Diamond Muay ThaiPi Dam comes from Southern Thailand and is a Thai boxing legend from the glory days of Muay Thai. He is a former Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Champion and brings to the team a lifetime of Muay Thai experience. Pi Dam had over 100 fights and was known for his knockout ability that left many of the best fighters in Thailand asleep on the canvas. Pi Dam is best described as powerfully built… and he loves to spar and clinch with the more experienced Muay Thai students. Pi Dam fits in to the Diamond Muay Thai training camp team well and he is the older statesman of the camp!