About Diamond Muay Thai, Koh Phangan

Diamond Muay Thai Gym

The Diamond Muay Thai training camp on Koh Phangan is owned by Mon whilst his business partner Simon looks after the day to day running of the gym. This allows Mon to fully focus on teaching Muay Thai training techniques to his Thai boxing students. For the last ten years Mon has been training foreign students in the art of Thai boxing as well as famous Muay Thai champions from Bangkok & South Thailand. Since moving to the island from Chumpon in Southern Thailand, Mon has recruited a team of some of the best Muay Thai trainers on Koh Phangan. They always deliver Thai kickboxing training of the highest standards.

At our Thai boxing training camp trainers will push you hard whilst maintaining a strong focus on developing correct Muay Thai boxing technique. Balance, timing, speed and power form the foundation for the skills that you will develop during Thai boxing classes. Whether you are a Thai boxing beginner or you are looking to fight, it is our sincere goal to improve your Thai boxing ability and to polish your Muay Thai technique. Furthermore, Diamond Muay Thai has become a popular vacation destination for Shuki Rosenweig (WMA and WMF World Champion) and other high profile Muay Thai stars.

Fighters at Diamond Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai boxing gym and its location on Koh Phangan

The Diamond Muay Thai gym is a traditionally designed Thai boxing camp near to the beach on the outskirts of Thongsala- the main town on Koh Phangan. Our Thai boxing gym has awesome jungle and mountain views and it is kept cool by Koh Phangan’s sea breezes. The camp has a traditional Thai- style thatched roof which covers our large training area. All local amenities needed for your stay such as restaurants, bars, banks and internet cafes are within easy reach as are different running routes along the rainforest paths and beaches nearby.

Our Muay Thai gym has all of the training equipment expected from a top class Thai boxing facility. The gym has lots of space for shadow boxing/Muay Thai technique training, a large canvas boxing ring, a wide range of heavy gym bags as well as a free weights section. The gym has wraps, gloves, shin guards and other protective wear available to all who learn Thai boxing with us. Our onsite ‘Muay Thai’ shop sells a range of equipment including Yakthai products (we are the only stockists of┬áthis premium Thai boxing brand on Koh Phangan) and a variety of t shirts/vests designed and printed on Koh Phangan.

Training Hard at Diamond Muay Thai