Welcome to the Diamond Muay Thai Training Camp on Koh Phangan. Learn Thai boxing and receive some of the best Muay Thai training in Southern Thailand.

The Diamond Muay Thai Team

The Diamond Muay Thai training camp is an authentic Thai boxing camp on Koh Phangan, a picturesque island in the Gulf of Thailand. Learn traditional Muay Thai techniques in our ‘jungle’ gym which is surrounded by rainforest, coconut trees and mountain scenery. Our Thai boxing camp offers great value Muay Thai boxing training to professional fighters, Thai boxing enthusiasts & tourists visiting Thailand. Our Thai boxing school provides intensive training whilst maintaining an open and friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, everyone who visits our Thai boxing gym can train alongside ‘Chalam Kaw’- one of the best Muay Thai fighters on Koh Phangan & Southern Thailand. Our trainers are truly passionate about Thai boxing training and it our purpose to share authentic Thai kick boxing techniques with students.

The Diamond Muay Thai training camp is regarded one of the best Thai boxing camps in the Gulf of Thailand and is home to professional Muay Thai fighters from around the world. However, you don’t need to be a Muay Thai fighter to train with us. You may be interested in losing weight, to use Muay Thai to improve your fitness or you may be visiting Koh Phangan & looking to experience another aspect of Thai culture. Each student who visits us receives individual Thai boxing instruction and advice- here you won’t be lost in a crowd and you will get all the Thai boxing you can handle! Are you hungry to fight and looking to polish your Muay Thai techniques before stepping into the ring? Our trainers excel at pre-fight preparation so don’t miss this great opportunity to benefit from their expertise.

Learn Thai boxing on Koh Phangan with us and you will be well looked after from the moment you arrive. We arrange excellent value Muay Thai packages to include accommodation and moped rental. Everyone is welcome enjoy the delicious meals provided after each Muay Thai training class, we are a true family unit and will try our best to make sure that your visit to Koh Phangan is unforgettable. Our partnerships with Koh Phangan businesses enable you to receive significant discounts on bungalow resorts, island tours and in some of the best bars and restaurants on Koh Phangan. At the Diamond Muay Thai training camp our Thai boxing students are pushed hard to fulfil their potential in the ring and are rewarded with a great Koh Phangan lifestyle. As we say in Thailand……‘You happy – We happy!’

Angthong National Park Koh Phangan